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  2019-2020 Officers

President                 Judy Salamon 

Vice-President         Linda Mertus
Secretary                 Diane Genetti

Corresponding         Annie Fry

Treasurer                 Terry Haley
Membership             Linda Hoosic

Courtesy                  Mary Lou Frohnapfel
Exhibitions              Judy Salamon and Deanna Clucas
Website                   Helen Snow

Historian                  April Cameron
Fundraising             Judy Salamon & Celeste Mycoskie
Scholarship             Judy Salamon 

Facebook                Linda Lyons




Linda M. Mertus

Voted Lifetime Member

Dorothy Miller

Voted Lifetime Member

Sally Heston

Voted Lifetime Member - Pittsburgh Watercolor Society

WAL Past President


Self-Portrait - "Artist with Pearl Ear Ring"


Barbara Johns

Hudson Gallery Pink Show 2017

Acrylic on canvass 8" x 8"


Wonder what I'll do this year?

Madeline Milford

Black Box Gallery  Shades of Gray Exhibit 2015

"Unhappy Model"

Madeline Milford

2nd Place WAL Spring 2014 Exhibit

"Best Friends"

Madeline Milford

WAL 85th Anniversary  Show

"Sofia Coifed

In Memorium

Christine Gorbach - 2018

Christine Gorbach


Christine passed away on November 22, 2018 in Akron, Ohio. Art was her passion and through a plethora of talents, including abstract painting, film making, music and dance, she brought  beauty and color into the lives of all who knew her. She taught art in the Cuyahoga Falls School system for 30 years and at the college level for ten more years. She worked for Kent State University as a supervisor for Art Education and adjunct professor.  Her art was exhibited throughout the world and she was the recipient of of many prizes and awards and entered numerous competitive art shows. As a singer she performed with the Crooked River Woman's Chorale and Summit County Choral Society. She performed in many plays and also at the Severence Hall in Cleveland and Carnegie Hall in New York City. Christine was an intelligent, artistic and loving person and will be missed by all who knew her.

Christine Gorbach Artists Statement:  Is it the artist alone who makes the art, or is it the audience who completes the work? - 2016

In Memorium

Mary Sanders - 2018

Mary Harvey Sanders 


Mary attended Mathers College at Case Western Reserve University obtaining a Degree in History with a Minor in Art from Cleveland School of Art and an Art Education Degree from Akron University. Taught art classes at Nordonia Hills High School and later became a Real Estate Agent. After marriage and three children, Mary took portrait classes from Jack Richards and additional classes at Kent State University. 

She also was a Docent at the Akron Art Museum and taught home classes to adult students at her studio. She had a business which created collectible miniature paintings for doll houses  that were exhibited in England.  Mary travelled to England, Spain, San Juan Islands  and other European countries. The paintings done there earned her a strong artistic reputation nationally and internationally.  As an artist, she won many, many prizes and awards and entered numerous competitive art shows.

She was an active member of the Akron Women's Art League Society of Artists, Gallery Board of the Women's City Club and Signature Member of Hudson Society of Artists along with being a respected teacher at the Cuyahoga Valley Art Center. 


Mary Harvey Sanders Artist's Statement:  I try to look at nature and get an impression of what I see, but mainly I use my memory and the vision that I see in my mind to show the vision I have seen in nature.  It is a "feeling" of being there on the scene; there is the essence of trees...but not the heavy weight of trees.


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Diane Genetti

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Linda Hoosic

Barbara Johns

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Linda M. Mertus

Madeline Milford

Dorothy Miller

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Celeste M. Mycoskie

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