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Christine Gorbach


Christine passed away on November 22, 2018, in Akron, Ohio. Art was her passion and through a plethora of talents, including abstract painting, film making, music, and dance, she brought beauty and color into the lives of all who knew her. She taught art in the Cuyahoga Falls School system for 30 years and at the college level for ten more years. She worked for Kent State University as a supervisor for Art Education and adjunct professor. Her art was exhibited throughout the world and she was the recipient of many prizes and awards and entered numerous competitive art shows. As a singer, she performed with the Crooked River Woman's Chorale and Summit County Choral Society. She performed in many plays and also at the Severance Hall in Cleveland and Carnegie Hall in New York City. Christine was an intelligent, artistic, and loving person and will be missed by all who knew her.

Christine Gorbach Artist's Statement: Is it the artist alone who makes the art, or is it the audience who completes the work? - 2016


Christine Gorbach
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