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The Women's Art League funds their scholarships through dues and yearly fundraisers.


We are actively seeking donations and fundraising suggestions.


The Women's Art League sponsors scholarships for Akron High School Senior Women who are going to art school or college and are majoring in art or art education.

Applications are available at the high school.

They must apply with the teacher's signature and send 5 examples of their painting and drawing skills. A committee reviews their work and awards money which is sent to them directly before their High School graduation date. 


Scholarship Winners

2021  Isabella Bailey - Firestone High School

2019  Kalia Horner - Firestone High School

2018  Hannah Weisburn - Revere High School

Susan Curtis - Green High School

2017  Alissa Busson - Norton High School

Katelyn Becker - Norton High School

Clare Willett - Woodridge High School