Welcome to the official web site of the Women's Art League of Akron. We are an active art orgaization interested in the advancement of the arts, who desire to be of service to the Akron area in a way that merits the recognition, respect, and support of the community.



Women's Art League

Fall Member’s 80th Anniversary Exhibition
Women’s Art League of Akron 2013


Forty members participate with 69 works and complimented Art Gallery at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church for doing a wonderful job with hanging the show.  Winners are on the back of the invitation and they include:

Kathleen Harrington                            Best of Show
Elizabeth Clark                                   1st Place
Diane Talmadge                                 2nd Place
Elinore Korow                                     3rd Place
Elena Ward Weldon                             Honorable Mention
Marcia Mazak                                      Honorable Mention
Barbara Johns                                     Honorable Mention
Christine Paringer                                Honorable Mention
Nancy Wilson                                     Honorable Mention

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